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Our campaign group and allies are gravely concerned about the safety and well being of children currently under Government care, Foster Homes Centres. Jersey is a small blink of the big eye under the Secrecy UKs Government policy We need to tell the world, instead of criticising other countrysPersistent abuses of powers from government public servants, offers, police, Unethical social workers, but the worst: Solicitors, Barrister, and Judges.Jerseys macabre discovery is all around the world. A major issue since Hitlers Second World War. The world can no longer afford to ignore. Nor can the UK to hide itUK Children are currently the poorest kids in Europe. They receive the lowest child benefit and no Holidays for low income families. No community support or respite is available for single Parents now forced to work by this Labour Government. In the meantime Foster Carers will receive Pfund400 PLUS per week.Vulnerable, mothers, fathers and pregnant women are under attack to REMOVE their babies at birth with cooperation of hospital unethical staff and a barbarian police force eager to act against babies and weak new mothers. This is Brutal.Behind Court room closed doors the UK policy of Torture is in full operation and kept in secret by Gagging anyone involved. This is against any Human Rights Organizations and the United Nation Convention.Mr Brown says we share the same enduring values, .liberty, opportunity, the dignity of the individual Published by Guardian Unlimited. July 30th 2007Our campaign group and supporters are urging the governments all around the World to demand that the UK Government, immediately and unconditional release all of the thousands of children held in captivity in unacceptable Homes & Centres.We are calling for the UN Special reporters on children and Parents rights to conduct a Mission of Inquiry in to the grave situation in the UK.We demand a Family in-home preventive system to be put in place. A system to guarantee a safe return and reunion of children with their Natural Birth Parents.We demand that Children and Human Rights to be taught in Primary Schools.We demand accountability for every officer who works with kids including Legal and so called Professionals and paramount; Solicitors, barrister and Judges and Clerks.We demand that children with special needs and different culture background are treated with equal protection and respect for their family values or extra needs.We remind the UKs Government and its officers that Human Rights are not a privilege that we must work to earn it. They are everyones entitlement and it is and indictment for UK residents that the rights of children and Parents are continually trampled and ignored and routinely framed with false allegations.So join us on our bus protest.’Stop Injustice Now’ is a British protest demo group trying to stop Social Services abuse in the secret Family Law court proceedings. The removal of children from their homes is routinely condoned. Social Services removes hundreds of thousands of children each year from innocent families. This practice needs to change. The damage being inflicted on children and parents alike is nothing short of barbaric.Family Court Injustice – Campaigning for openness and transparencyAre you concerned with “British family law” and what damage it causes to families and the children it is supposed to serve?Want to express your dissatisfaction and help raise public awareness? Then join our demonstration beginning 9 AM August 18, 2008.The demonstration will take place in and around London on August 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22. The mode of transport: a double Decker bus, a Routemaster. If you have ever watched “On the Buses”, you will know what a Routemaster is. It should be nostalgic demonstration if nothing else. The weather should be great, so why not come along?Demo details as follows;Starting point:You are welcome to join our double Decker bus demonstration leaving Toddington services at 9 AM on the M1 Monday 18th August, or to take part and follow the bus in your own vehicle to create a motorcade. The demonstration will then proceed to Hemel Hempstead with more route details to follow.If you care about children and the psychological and emotional stress they are forced to endure as a results of being taken from their homes and being subjected to the harsh reality of state “care”, then please help us in any way possible to awaken the public to this issue and bring about reform.

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