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We are all aware of the Nazi eugenics programs. What we arent aware of are the chilling comparisons between the Nazi Lebensborn program and contemporary American Child Protective Services (CPS) programs. Simplistically, it can be described as follows: In the U.S. parens patriae is the legal principle used to justify state sanctioned kidnapping of children from their families in order to protect them. In Nazi Germany, the Lebensborn program was legally used to justify the kidnapping of Aryan looking children from occupied territories to be Germanized; to be raised as good Germans (younger children) or designated as breeders for the German race to produce 2 3 racially pure children then be killed (older children). But, in reality, the comparison is more complicated and more horrifying than that. PARENS PATRIAE is a legal term in American law that is defined as The right of the government to take care of minors and others who cannot legally take care of themselves.
In a Nazi booklet published by SS Gruppenfuehrer Rediess, The SS for Greater Germany with Sword and Cradle, speaking about the recently Nazi occupied country of Denmark as it related to the Lebensborn program, the German position is stated as, This people is a Germanic people, and hence it is our duty to educate its children and young people and to make the Norwegians a Nordic people again as we understand the term.
The similarity between these two principles is that a government has assumed a certain authority, either by law or by fiat, over the population. This authority can be as extensive or limited as the government chooses and as the population will endure. In both stated instances, the governments assumed authority over children.
The majority of reasonably intelligent people today recognize that Nazi attempts to designate one race as superior to others based on physical racial characteristics was nothing more than superstitious bigotry unsupported by science.
The Nazis actually created a science of racial studies, endorsed by experts and supported with manufactured scientific evidence, in order to support their pet theory that the so-called Aryan race was superior to all others.
They had panels of experts, advisory councils, college courses, and specially trained bureaucrats to develop and implement their racial hygiene policies.
This cadre of experts would devise, implement, oversee, evaluate and propagandize the various racial hygiene programs, including Lebensborn. Nazi society abounded with popular literature, textbooks, and manuals touting this most important Nazi platform. Nazi Germany was inundated with racially based propaganda which extolled the virtues of the Aryan and justified the solutions imposed on inferior races.
Of Pure Blood by Marc Hillel and Clarissa Henry is a 1976 book detailing the Nazi Lebensborn program.


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