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It will sound more like life in Stalin’sRussia or Englands Dark Ageswhen women were convicted of witchcrafton concocted allegations, thenburned at the stake.
Yet the destruction of British familiesin the name of state childprotection has frightening similarities.
And it is being encouraged by theGovernment, the legal system, themedical establishment and above all ourby the fatally flawed social services.
In the 22 years since the Cleveland childabuse scandal, when 121children were ripped from innocentfamilies on the say-so of a maverickgroup of doctors and social workers verylittle has changed for thebetter in child protection.
If anything, things have got worse. Andat the heart of the problem arethe deceptively named family courts,which operate behind shut doors inevery town and city up and down the land.


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